• Battery Powered
• 100% Rechargeable
• Customizeable
• Unlimited Surface Options
• Mobile and Flexible
• 3000 Watts 7.5KW
• Quality Construction
• 100% Real Wood tops

Battery Powered Tables


Our battery powered tables are gorgeous…They are the next in functionality. You can choose from an endless array of designs and colors. Super charged with lithium ion batteries.

Run your induction warmers…hot plates…blenders…and even a toaster…without running a single power cable.

Our tables are designed to look amazing and camouflage the chargeable power source. Enough power to run your specific needs with power to spare. Power whatever you need! Where you need it! Enough power to jump start a semi truck. Because power is not always available!

It’s time to cut the cord and power up with these all new 100% rechargeable battery powered tables.

battery powered banquet table

Because Airwalls don't have power

White Marble Battery powered
Black Marble battery powered