battery powered heat lamp


“What is your largest complaint
about heat lamps?” The answers
were unanimous.

“They are a real pain!”

Proximity to power, Waiting for
extension cords Unseemly tape
lines Using heat lamps as light sources.

  • Safety First Elimination of trip
    hazards due to cable ramps and tape covering power cords. The #1 lawsuit in hospitality industry. 
  • Economical Save time, labor dollars, and frustration. No more waiting. Digital battery gauge indicates when charging is required.
  • Aesthetics Choose colors to
    compliment your banquet space
    and decor.
  • Effortless Set it and forget
    it. Lightweight and never
    requires disassembly.

Same heat as an industry standard heat lamp but without the cord

ONLY long lasting battery powered heat lamp on the planet

Mobile and custom configuration designed by Banquet de Lights

Offered in four colors Black, Silver, Red and Gold

Can run on internal battery power or off a wall outlet…Versatile!